Dierama medium

Botanical Name

Dierama medium

Other names

Hairbells, Grasklokkies (Afrikaans)


Iridaceae; perennial;


Leaves can be over 1m long

Description of Stem

Leaves emerge from a large, flattish brown corm growing a few cm below the ground surface and covered in protective layers of hairy tissue

Description of Leaves

Up to 5 or 6 light-green long narrow leaves emerge from each corm

Description of flowers

Pink to mauve, funnel-like bells of around 2cm that droop delicately from the arched stem flower for a couple of days during spring and summer

Description of seed/fruit


Description of roots






Propagation and Cultivation



Popular garden plant

Ecological rarity

Not easy to find, but not believed to be threatened at present

Pests and Diseases





Rocky grassland and close to water


Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal, maybe Eastern Cape


South Africa


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