Rules for Plant Collections by Members

The following rules will apply for all plant collection events arranged under the auspices of Operation Wildflower.  These events are arranged specifically for the benefit of members.
  • Members must abide by the standing Operation Wildflower rules that may be changed from time to time, as well as by the instructions relating to each particular event and the added prescriptions from the landowners concerned.
  • Only members enrolled for a specific collection prior to the event, or officially accepted by the Secretary or Chairman, are allowed to participate in the event.  The number of vehicles, their registration numbers and names of participants must be submitted beforehand as some collections are restricted to a limited number of participants or vehicles.
  • Members participating in a collection take full responsibility for the behaviour, compliance with all rules as well as the safety of all guests, helpers and children accompanying them on an outing.
  • Participants will be informed at the beginning of each event about the boundaries of the designated area from which plants may be removed. No plant growing outside this area may be removed.  Participants arriving late must report to the Chairman or his/her representative and ensure that they are familiar with the boundaries and related instructions before commencing any collection activities.
  • Permits must be obtained before departing from the area, within the announced closing time for the collection concerned.  No return to the area or collection after the stated closing time is permitted.
  • Plants collected are strictly for the private use,e.g. planting by the member and under no circumstances for the selling to another party.  The membership of any person who violates this rule will be terminated.
  • Local inhabitants from around the collection area may be employed to assist with the collection work on prearranged an unambiguous terms to avoid any animosity or dissatisfaction.
  • Littering, unsafe campfires and any action that might damage the image of Operation Wildflower must be avoided at all times.
  • Purchasing plants from local inhabitants at the site is prohibited as they may collect plants from beyond the designated area.

Owners of properties, controllers of land, Operation Wildflower and its officials will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused in any manner whatsoever or sustained by anybody participating in any activity organized by Operation Wildflower.

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