Boophone disticha

Botanical name

Boophone disticha

Other names

Gifbol (Afrikaans), Leshoma (Tswana), Boophane disticha


Amaryllidaceae, bulbous plant



Description of stem

Leaves emanate from the bulb which has a flaky, papery cover


Description of leaves

Blue-green straight and long leaves arranged in a fan-shape that can measure 60cm across, on top of the bulb which usually sits halfway above ground level


Description of flowers

Rounded pink inflorescence over 15cm wide, consisting of numerous small flowers above a sturdy single flowering stalk; flowers in spring before leaves appear; dry flowerheads are noticeable rolling away in the wind a few months later

Description of seed/fruit


Description of roots






Propagation and cultivation





Bulb scales are used for dressing wounds; decoctions used for various ailments; also been used as a hallucinogen and poison

Ecological rarity


Pests and diseases





Hills and grassland


Most parts of inland South Africa, barring the north-western regions


South Africa, Zimbabwe

Boophane disticha Photographed by Jack Latti

Boophane disticha Photographed by Jack Latti

Boophane disticha flower Photographed by Annette  Raaff

Boophane disticha, the pink form; Photographed by Erhan Uludag