Country                                Number of aloe species

South Africa                                       119

Madagascar                                        77

Kenya                                                   55

Tanzania                                              40

Ethiopia                                               34

Somalia                                                33

Zimbabwe                                            27

Namibia                                               26

Yemen                                                 26

Mozambique                                       25

Angola                                                 24

Saudi Arabia                                       22

Zambia                                               19

Swaziland                                           18

Malawi                                               17

Uganda                                               16

DRC                                                     13

Sudan                                                  12

Botswana, Eritrea, Lesotho                  8 species each

Several countries in Africa and the Middle East have even fewer indigenous species of aloes, down to those that have only one aloe species growing indigenously (see the book for this detail).

Some species occur naturally in only very restricted areas, e.g. Aloe peglerae that is found on part of the top of the Magaliesberg in the Gauteng and Northwest provinces of South Africa. Other aloe species may be found naturally spread over the indigenous vegetation of several countries. 

Aloe vera again, has now been planted by so many people for so long over such a large part of the world, that its exact origin (somewhere in the Middle East) is no longer quite certain.