Mimusops zeyheri

Botanical name

Mimusops zeyheri (SA No 585)

Other names

Red milkwood; moepel (Afrikaans)




Medium-sized, erect tree, however, often only a large shrub; dense leafage and full, rounded aspect

Description of stem

Dark brown, smooth when young, fissured on old trunks

Description of leaves

Variable form, often oblong to elliptical, dark green above, lighter below, margin entire, attenuating towards the apex; petiole over 2 cm

Description of flowers

Cream-coloured , star-shaped in axillary clusters, may occur throughout the summer months

Description of seed/fruit

Green ovoid and fleshy fruit turns to yellow-orange upon ripening; contains one to for seeds; the calyx persists noticeably on the fruit

Description of roots




Propagation and cultivation

A good garden tree in well-drained soil in summer rainfall areas free of frost; slow growing


Frost tender; drought resistant


Edible fruit, a garden plant

Ecological rarity

Not threatened

Pests and diseases





Occurs in rocky hills, medium to higher rainfall wooded areas and bushveld

Distribution (SA provinces)

Gauteng, Limpopo, Northwest, Mpumalanga, Free State


South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia

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