Kleinia fulgens

Botanical name

Kleinia fulgens

Other names

Senecio fulgens, scarlet kleinia, coral senecio




A perennial multistemmed succulent of about 30 cm; specimens of double the size has been reported

Description of stem

Succulent, pale green, erect, sometimes spreading stems

Description of leaves

Grey, succulent obovate leaves with a few pairs of prominent lateral teeth on the margins; variable in size and form; sometimes with mauve markings

Description of flowers

Capitula with red or cerise disc-florets on long peduncles, tending to remain pendulous until open and again so when the seeds form; bloom in winter

Description of seed/fruit

Cyllindrical achenes, single dry seeds that do not open

Description of roots

Creeping, tuberous rootstock


Flower colour and leaf shape variations occur

Propagation and cultivation

Stem or leaf cuttings root very easily, although the parts to be planted should be left to dry for a few days; also grown from seed




Attractive dry garden or rockery subject, also in the USA; said to be browsed by animals in the natural state (seneciosis poisoning, Molteno disease status unknown)

Ecological rarity


Pests and diseases





Grows on rocky outcrops in hills, sandy soil, sunny areas

Distribution (SA provinces)

Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal


South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique