Adenia fruticosa subsp. fruticosa

Botanical name

Adenia fruticosa subsp. fruticosa

Other names

Green-stem; bobbejaangif (Afrikaans)




Climber with multiple whiplike branches of up to 5 m, attaching to tree and other supports through tendrils

Description of stem

Thick green trunklike base of up to 2m in height and over 0,5m in diameter from which the sleder branches emanate

Description of leaves

3 to 5 blue-green leaflets arranged digitately upon a long petiole; leaflet shape varying from round to ovate or obovate; margin entire; a small gland at the end of the petiole at the base of the leaflets

Description of flowers

Green cymes, female flowers smaller in August and September

Description of seed/fruit

Oval capsule containing up to six seeds

Description of roots



Different subspecies inKwazulu-Nataland the north ofLimpopo

Propagation and cultivation

Transplants if base of stem and roots are not too badly damaged and good drainage is ; thesmaller specimen seems to survive better; frost-sensitive




Popular indigenous garden subject

Ecological rarity

Could be endangered by popularity and development

Pests and diseases

Stem may rot from over-watering and poor drainage




Thorny bushveld in rocky places and on sandy soil

Distribution (SA provinces)



South Africa,Zimbabwe



Category: Succulents