Stapelia gigantea

Botanical Name

Stapelia gigantea

Other names

Carrion flower; Aasblom(Afrikaans)


Asclepiadaceae; succulent; perennial


Vertical stems of 8 to 12cm that in bigger plants spread over areas of more than a sq m

Description of Stem

The green stems performing the photosynthesis duty for the plant have five perpendicular ridges with spaced stipule-like notches; new stems grow at the outer edges of the plant and root as they multiply

Description of Leaves


Description of flowers

A cup with five spiky points at the rim forms the corolla, covered in maroon hairs and line markings

Description of seed/fruit


Description of roots






Propagation and Cultivation

A small cutting will grow easily in a variety of soil types in full or partial sun, not requiring much watering





Ecological rarity


Pests and Diseases

Occasional fungal growth, especially when growing in shade


Pollinated by flies attracted by the unpleasant smell exuded by the flowers; the plant does not eat insects, a belief stemming from the fact that the hairy;  interior of the flower sometimes traps them; similar to S grandiflora




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North-West, Natal


South Africa


Category: Succulents