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New Plant Collections

Plant Rescue by Members where Development replaces Nature


Members of Operation Wildflower have been collecting thousands of indigenous plants belonging to hundreds of species from many sites for over sixty years.


The Operation Wildflower Committee is continually searching for new sites where indigenous vegetation is to be destroyed. Negotiations with owners, developers and the relevant authorities are embarked upon wherever they may yield rescue opportunities for our members. Anyone aware of such an opportunity is requested to contact the Chairman of Operation Wildflower at 082 458 0179.


This plant conservation project has given many members joyful hours in nature as well as establishing lifelong friendships and beautiful gardens. Why not join and participate in the rescue and garden enhancement weekends facilitated by our Association? If your garden is already nearly full, you may still want to walk in otherwise inaccessible veld covered in interesting vegetation and pick something small for nurturing in a container.


Only members in good standing and who agree to comply with all requirements are eligible to participate. To this end every member will apply formally to participate in a collection, submit information including ID, vehicle registration and contact details, apart from signing an undertaking to comply with all the rules agreed to between Operation Wildflower and the relevant authority, devloper or land owner.

The strict control is necessary for reasons of minimum of disruption of nature and preserving biodiversity as entrenched in legislation, meeting the requirements of outside parties like developers involved in a collection, protecting the interests of private land owners, ensuring the best interests of local communities, ensuring the safety of all concerned during the actual collection activities and protecting the good standing of Operation Wildflower with regard to all actions and the diverse stakeholders relating to this and the organization's other operations.

No plant collected from here (or any Operation Wildflower exercise) may ever be sold.  Members may only plant them on their own properties. There are, however, no restrictions as far as the use of seeds collected from rescued plants are concerned: Plants grown at home from the seeds of collected plants are not deemed to be affected by any restrictions from Operation Wildflower. 

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